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First Setback on the Tern Raft and a Surprise Visitor

July 11, 2023

Our first sad news from the tern raft.  Two weeks ago, as many of you know who live close by, we experienced a two and a half day storm of


June 30, 2023

It’s been a bit since our last update on the tern raft……we’ve been busy!  A very interesting year has unfolded, and we are currently up to………………………….226 nests!  “Wowza” is what

Nests, Nests, and more Nests!

May 26, 2023

This time last year we were excited to announce that we had 13 nests on the platform, as of today, we are at 136! Last year we banded 110 adults,

The Terns Have Eggs!!

May 19, 2023

They went from 4 nests with eggs on Monday to….. (drum roll, please)….. 32 nests yesterday (May 18)!!

Operation Save the Raft!

May 15, 2023

The gull numbers on the raft had been continually (unfortunately) increasing the past couple of weeks, with only a few Common Terns trying to take their raft back. When the

First Tern Spotted on the Raft

April 18, 2023

Introducing OH1! We are excited to announce our first returning bird was spotted today, April 18th! We banded him/her (don’t know yet,) as an adult on June 15th, 2022. It

Season Three of Tern Raft

April 13, 2023

We are very pleased to announce that the Tern Raft is back in action out in the bay and ready for Common Terns to show up! The launch date was

Final Update for 2022

September 25, 2022

Final updates this year, and what a successful year it was! We ended the season with 155 Common Tern nests, a total of 181 chicks banded, 91 adults banded, and

Chicks are Growing Up!

August 24, 2022

If you recall, the American Oystercatcher chick that has fledged in July, or at least we hoped fledged in July, was spotted on Assateague and is alive and looking healthy!

The Importance of Bird Banding

July 2, 2022

This summer, we banded 180 common tern chicks with a metal USGS band on their right leg. Most of those received a field readable band on their left leg. The

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