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Greys Creek Nature Park

Located at the northernmost tip of Maryland’s Coastal Bays, this property is not yet open to the public.

Formerly owned by Douglas Weidman, this parcel was purchased with Program Open Space funds, and is one of the most ecologically significant properties along Maryland’s Coastal Bays.

The 574-acre parcel consists of upland coastal forest and extensive sensitive non-tidal and tidal saltwater wetlands. The Greys Creek development project scope is to develop the passive recreational aspects of the site, foster environmental education, promote sustainable principals, and enhance public access to an array of nature based recreational opportunities, while tangibly demonstrating a commitment to the preservation ecosystem benefits for local communities.

The property is comprised of several large adjoining parcels and numerous small islands just offshore. As a nature park, the property offers great potential. The site can provide a range of wonderful recreational and educational experiences through a structured activities program, as well as serving as unique passive recreational outlet for locals and visitors alike. Additionally, due to its largely undisturbed and riparian nature, ecotourism—a growing market segment—can be served in a variety of ways, as the property can offer space for hiking, birding, coastal canoeing, paddle boarding, small craft sailing, and kayaking. Furthermore, educational programs which explore the ecology of wetlands, marsh lands and coastal woodlands are easily accommodated here. Finally, because of the relatively low elevations of the site, the study of shallow water aquatic life can be brought to the public.

Since 2009, Worcester County—through its Department of Recreation & Parks—has pursued a solution which would maximize the potential of the site. In 2014, the Department entered into a Memorandum of Understanding to partner with MCBP. The intent of the agreement pertained to the management of Grey’s Creek Nature Park, where the rationale was to leverage MCBP’s expertise in site restoration and management, and to promote environmental education in a manner consistent with Worcester County’s 2006 MOU with the State of Maryland.

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