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Community Programs and Resources

The involvement of the Coastal Bays’ community is vital to the health of our watershed. Through meaningful initiatives, MCBP works to inform and connect with populations so they can make more knowledgeable decisions for the Coastal Bays watershed and its future.  To accomplish this, a variety of programs are offered each year, including hands-on workshops, presentations, and opportunities to engage.  By providing space for personal experiences, direct connections with nature, and cultivating a sense of place, we can help create lifelong stewards of our environment.

Please reach out to our Education Coordinator, Liz Wist, at if you would like to request Coastal Bays at an event, presentation, or meeting.

Contribute Online

Become a member of the Coastal Bays Foundation and donate online securely through PayPal. Your financial contribution will go toward protecting our watershed, its habitat, and wildlife. The Maryland Coastal Bays Program Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit; all donations are tax deductible.