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Bishopville Dam

Located on Bishopville Road (Route 367).

There was a dam at Bishopville that was a barrier to fish passage until 2014, when the dam was transformed into a series of shallow steps and pools by the design build firm of Underwood and Associates, Annapolis, MD.

This new configuration allows fish to navigate into freshwater tributaries to spawn. Fish that live in the ocean but must lay their eggs in freshwater—such as alewife and blueback herring—need unobstructed passage to upstream waters, and dams keep these important forage fish from reaching freshwater spawning locations. The Bishopville project is an innovative approach to providing fish passage while maintaining the original pond, which is important to the community.

The fifth year of fish monitoring at the Bishopville Fish Passageway, conducted annually by MCBP, was completed in 2019 and documented that the fish passage project is successful to date.

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