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Field Excursions

MCBP provides field excursions and in-the-field service trips to students throughout Worcester County. These are always held outdoors at a local restoration site. Student exposure to local rivers, forests, and bayside areas not only broadens ecological and cultural knowledge, it also acknowledges that restoration sites are more than just management areas; they are classrooms. We offer various experiential activities such as fish sampling, water quality, forest surveying, invasive removal, sensory explorations, nature journaling, and many more. These programs are customizable based on student and subject need, and all lessons align with Next Generation Science Standards.

School Presentations

School presentations are designed and structured hand-in-hand with teachers to provide the most impactful experience for students.  Although we try to pair our in-class visits with a trip into the field, we know resources may not allow for this, so our staff is available to come into your classroom for activities and presentations. Similar to our field excursions, these presentations are customizable to best suit your student’s needs. All programs are hands-on and relate to our Coastal Bays watershed. Examples of in-class programs include learning observation skills, a walk through the watershed, building insect homes, environmental issue investigation, and water quality exploration.

We look forward to working with you! To discuss our field excursion and class offerings, please email Education Coordinator, Liz Wist, at

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Become a member of the Coastal Bays Foundation and donate online securely through PayPal. Your financial contribution will go toward protecting our watershed, its habitat, and wildlife. The Maryland Coastal Bays Program Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit; all donations are tax deductible.