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Marine Debris Plunder Registration

Registration for this event is now closed

Rules and Regulations:

The most important rule is to obey our Maryland Natural Resource Law:

NR 4 505: Removing fish, nets, or gear of another prohibited. A person may not molest, disturb, destroy, or catch and carry away fish belonging to another person from any boat, live box, crab pot, trot line, or the pocket or crib of any pound net or enclosed or gilled in any fish net of any kind, or take or carry away any net or gear belonging to another person used in catching fish.

You NEED TO RECOGNIZE a live crab pot or eel trap from an abandoned one.

Commercial crabbing is still in effect in our bays during this event. This video will help you understand live crab pots (which you CANNOT TOUCH) and ghost pots (which you can collect)

We treasure our watermen and they are an important economical component in our coastal bays, so it is crucial that you respect and do not tamper with any live gear. Should you have any questions while you are collecting trash, please call us or text a picture while you are out on the water to confirm you are not tampering with live gear, 443-783-5293.

We will also have a Zello App account that you can join. This is a free walkie talkie app (will for a trail period of a month, and you do not have to provide a credit card number for your trial period!) we will be using throughout the day. The Marine Plunder Account information will be provided in your packets.

The second most important rule is to stay safe. Boaters will be provided with a few items (while supplies last) to retrieve debris which we would like to have returned:

  • Pole with a hook
  • Dip Net
  • Tarp
  • 5 Gallon Bucket
  • 1 pair of hearty gloves
  • Clipboard and Pens and paperwork to document your loot.
  • Safety Vests

You will also be provided with burlap bags to place your trash in, masks for the event.

Land Lubbers will be provided Burlap Bags, disposable gloves, masks, and safety vests. We would appreciate the vests back. You can record your loot on your cell phone to the data collection form, or we will be more than happy to provide you with paperwork and a clipboard.

Retrieving debris on water or land can be a little treacherous. In the event you find debris that is difficult to retrieve, document the coordinates and we will attempt to find a better equipped source, at a later date, to retrieve what is too difficult to pull.

Here is a blog that explains ghost pots and their impact on our waterways

The most important rule is to have fun and feel great about participating in an event to reduce debris in our waterways!

Once you have completed your clean up, bring your loot either by boat or by land to the weigh in located at 12817 Harbor Road, West Ocean City. It is where Mad Fish was located across the street from Pure Lure. There are several boat slips that will allow you to pull up temporarily while volunteers will grab your loot, paperwork, supplies and retrieve your event shirts you requested in your registration.

Captain Jack Sparrow and D.J. Rupe will be on hand to entertain you while our volunteers are working to unload your loot and provide your shirts.

Trophies made from marine trash (and gift certificates) will be awarded for the following categories:

  • 1st Place Most Amount of Marine Debris
  • 2nd Place Most Amount of Marine Debris
  • 3rd Place Most Amount of Marine Debris
  • The Most Unusual Find (There is always that one weird find at every clean up)
  • Save of the Day – Wildlife Rescue (If you find debris with by-catch, hopefully a live one you can release, take a picture, and send it to us)
  • Longest Run – Longest Day Spent (contact us and let us know you are out and about, and we will know when you come in)
  • Most COVID Related Trash (Sadly, there are a lot of masks discarded all over our streets, parking lots and floating in our waterways)
  • Best Event Spirit (Hey, it is always fun to wear an eye patch, if you do not HAVE to wear an eyepatch)
  • Awards will be determined the week after the event, and you will be contacted.

Please contact with any questions, comments or concerns you may have.

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