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Part of the National Estuary Program, the Maryland Coastal Bays Program is a non-profit partnership between the towns of Ocean City and Berlin, the National Park Service, Worcester County, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the Maryland Departments of Natural Resources, Agriculture and Planning.
Board of Directors
Tony Deluca- Town of Ocean City 
Dr. Ali Ishaque - University of Maryland Eastern Shore
Bill Hulslander- Assateague Island National Seashore
Steven Taylor - CAC Representative
Kristen Fleming - Department of Natural Resources
Dr. Nancy Zeller - CAC Representative 
Katherine Munson - Worcester County
Policy Committee
  • Implement Nutrient Reduction Action Strategy
  • Develop scope of work and budget for cleaning up Chincoteague Bay
  • Establish Newport-Chincoteague Land Conservation Target Area and develop goals/strategy
  • Continue regional planning efforts through DAWN
  • Establish Diversity Advisory Committee

Implementation Committee

  • Made up of representatives from DNR, MDE, MDP, MDA, Worcester County, Ocean City, Berlin, MCBP, EPA, Assateague Island NS.
  • Charged with making sure CCMP and Policy Committee directives are being implemented.
  • Meets every other month.
  • EPA Implementation Review, March 2010

Scientific & Technical Advisory Committee

The Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) represents a balance of scientific disciplines with expertise in the following areas: nutrients/toxicities; transport and fate, including modeling; ecological and human health effects; and living resources. Click here for more information

Fishery Advisory Committee

The development of the Coastal Fisheries Advisory Committee is identified in the Comprehensive Conservation Management Plan for Maryland's Coastal Bays and also recommend by the Department's Coastal Bays Water-Use Management Plan Workgroup. The Coastal Fishery Advisory Committee serves to advise the Department of Natural Resources on coastal fisheries related issues.

Citizens Advisory Committee

Membership includes representation from a broad spectrum of major resources groups such as citizens councils, business, farming, fishing, industry, recreational users and environmental citizens groups. The Citizens Advisory Committee, CAC, plays a dual role by providing the Maryland Coastal Bays Program with valuable input from citizens and communicating the process and progress of the Program to the public.

Diversity Advisory Committee

Diversity Advisory Committee (DAC) will review efforts to engage minorities in all aspects of the program and make recommendations to the Board of Directors and the Policy Committee on ways to enhance the level of participation as it relates to environmental awareness, career and job training, stewardship and involvement, implementation of actions in the Coastal Bays Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan (CCMP). In addition the committee will work to engage the minority community so they can help address environmental needs in the area.

Coastal Bays Program
Coastal Bays Program
Coastal Bays Program
Coastal Bays Program
Coastal Bays Program
Coastal Bays Program
Coastal Bays Program
Coastal Bays Program
Coastal Bays Program
Coastal Bays Program