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January 2014 - Solutions Newsletter


Ilia Fehrer Nature Preserve Management Plan Approved 

The Worcester County Commissioners have approved the implementation of the management plan for the Ilia Fehrer Nature Preserve. Click here to read more

Support Wildlands Designations


The Maryland legislature is proposing additional protection for a small portion of state property. Although the 4,265 acres are in Pocomoke Cypress swamp, the Coastal Bays Program is supporting these "wildlands designations" to help ensure genetic diversity and to promote future designations in the coastal bays watershed. Read more here 

Dredging Advisory Committee

Members of the Navigation and Dredging Advisory Committee met recently to discuss immediate needs and plan long-term dredging alternatives for the Ocean City inlet.  Recent shoaling has been a problem for fishing vessels and solutions were discussed so that this important economic base for Ocean City can be maintained.

New Flood Insurance Rate Maps 
FEMA and Worcester County held an open house to show residents new Flood Insurance Rate Maps.  Keep in mind that the maps depict current conditions and do not include rising sea levels in coming years.  Residents are encouraged to talk with their insurance agents about potential rate changes.  
Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDL)

The Maryland Department of Environment (MDE) has proposed limits on nutrients entering our bays by establishing the Nitrogen and Phosphorus Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDL). This is required by the Federal Clean Water Act and was calculated to ensure clean water for sea grasses, crabs, fish and shellfish.


MCBP encourages you to review this plan. MCBP and its partners have been involved with this process from the beginning but feel the nutriment reductions for the southern bays are too low in the current draft and do not reflect actual nutrient reduction needs in the Sinepuxent, Newport and Chincoteague bays.

For more on TMDL Click here

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January 2014   


Opportunities and Fundraisers


We always have lots of great opportunities. If you don't see one that interests you here, please contact us!





MCBP is looking for people to help with a 'seal stewards' program.   


For the past two years MCBP and the National Aquarium Marine Animals Stranding Program have been working on a seal outreach program. 


The most important initiative of this outreach is proper seal viewing. If you see a seal on the beach, it has hauled out and needs rest. Please stay at least 150 feet, 50 yards away.


MCBP is organizing a core of volunteers who can be available on an as needed basis to respond to a haul out area and keep people and dogs clear. Contact Sandi at or call 410-213-229 ext 107.

Burley Oak Brewery Fundraiser 

Save the Date -  Monday, March 10th!

Join  MCBP at Berlin's Burley Oak Brewery for a fundraiser.


More details to follow!

CCMP Speaker Presentations
MCBP is scheduling speaker presentations on the Comprehensive and Conservation Management Plan update throughout the months of February-April.
If your group is interested in a presentation, please contact Sandi at the above contact information.

Lizard Hill

Even the cold winter temperatures don't deter our Maryland Conservation Corp from keeping up with maintenance at Lizard Hill. But spring is right around the corner so we'll be looking for assistance with invasive plant weeding.

Thank You Troop 5081

Girl Scouts from Troop #5081 planted switch grass seeds for use in restoration projects during 2014. The seeds were placed in trays with "grass plug" sized compartments in order to make planting easier. Switch grass is a native plant that is great for restoration and home landscaping because its seeds are valuable for wildlife and the roots are effective at slowing erosion. Thanks Troop #5081!  
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