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Diverse points of view will help us realize our mission to protect the coastal bays. We strive to create a culture within the MCBP that inspires respect and understanding of the value of diversity and the value of our coastal bays.

  • Minority Outreach & Involvement Strategy
  • Minority Internships
  • Upward Bound
  • Diversity Advisory Committee
  • Outdoor Afro

Fostering a community consensus, inclusive of all, on the desired future condition of the Maryland Coastal Bays watershed

Coastal Stewards

Coastal Stewards is a summer youth employment program partnership funded by the Environmental Protection Agency and is a partnership between the Maryland Coastal Bays Program, National Park Service at Assateague Island and the Maryland Park Service at Assateague Island.

Building Better Networks

  • Professional Development
  • Partnerships
  • Identifying best practices
  • Maximizing resources
  • $4,500

BioBlitz Programs

  • Showcasing biodiversity of the Coastal Bays
  • Connecting kids to nature
  • Raising funds - $5,000

Explore! Adventure Packs

  • Partnership: MCBP, AINS, ASP, DLITE
  • $40,000 funding
  • 500 Adventure Packs
  • Delmarva’s 10 Top 10

Local Nature & Heritage

  • Blue Crab Summer
  • Blue Crab Issues Investigation
  • 225 students, $15,000
  • Nature & Heritage Interpretation
  • Nature & Heritage of the Pocomoke
  • Nature & Heritage of the Coastal Bays
  • 120 participants, $43,000

Delmarva City Partners

  • Partnership: MCBP, ASP, Ward
  • $5,000 grant support
  • 15 facilitators trained
  • 80 educators trained
  • Curriculum-based, hands-on
  • Develops student leaders
  • Service-learning & stewardship
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World Wetlands Day Activity Guidebook
Coastal Bays Program
Coastal Bays Program
Coastal Bays Program
Coastal Bays Program
Coastal Bays Program
Coastal Bays Program
Coastal Bays Program
Coastal Bays Program
Coastal Bays Program
Coastal Bays Program