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 MCBP Says a Fond Farewell to Executive Director Dave Wilson
Maryland Coastal Bays Program executive director announced he is stepping down from the post after working for the program for almost 18 years.The former director will now shift his focus to environmental and public relations consulting using his knowledge, skills and abilities to assist other organizations with conservation and policy needs.
"It's time to hand the reigns to some fresh blood," he said. "I think we accomplished a lot and I am proud of that, but it's time to pass the baton."
Wilson started with the program in November 1997 as the public outreach coordinator. For a decade Wilson would help sway public opinion about conservation in the coastal bays before being tapped for the executive director in 2008.

He said two decades ago he could never have imagined the sheer outpouring of support through volunteerism and donations that the program now enjoys annually.

"It's astounding," he said.


During his tenure, the program became adept at competing for and securing state and federal dollars, including more than $1 million from the EPA to run its outreach program, more than $1 million state and federal money for the Bishopville Dam restoration and millions for other conservation and restoration projects.


"These pots of money are earmarked for conservation purposes. I like to think we made the taxpayers of Worcester County proud by bringing money back here rather than sending it across the bridge," he said. He added that the county, Ocean City, Berlin and the state of Maryland were critical partners in these projects.


Wilson was again quick to point out that Coastal Bays staff, government partners and citizens should take the credit for the successes.


The program tripled its savings with Wilson at the helm and also now enjoys an additional $720,000 endowment at the Community Foundation. The group co-leases the beach store and the canoe and bike rental on Assateague Island National Seashore.Wilson said the buy-in, coordination, and commitment by the 

National Park Service, EPA, and local and state partners is a model that is difficult to replicate. "We ask a lot of our partners' time and resources, and they have never failed to come through," he said.In 2014, the program completed a new 15-year Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan for the bays behind Ocean City and Assateague. Berlin, Ocean City, the state and feds devised and committed to more than 200 activities to protect and restore the bays.


"The resolve our partners exhibit is really amazing," Wilson said.


Science Coordinator Dr. Roman Jesien and Technical Coordinator Carol Cain are working together as co acting Directors and have proved an effective team.  


To read the full 
article in DelmarvaNow, click here.   
To see the job description for this position, click here



Maryland Coastal Bays Program is Proud to Announce our New CCMP



MCBP is proud to introduce our new CCMP, or Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan.   The CCMP is at the heart of any National Estuary Program and maps the way to improve the health of our beautiful bays.

The Maryland Coastal Bays Program was established in 1995, and the original Comprehensive Conservation & Management Plan (CCMP) was approved in October 1999. It contained 23 Goals, 73 Challenges and 505 Actions.  The new CCMP, while just as robust, simplifies the to 14 Goals, 34 Challenges,and 222 Actions and accounts for the actions which have been fulfilled in the past sixteen years.


Maryland Coastal Bays Program is very grateful for the dedicated work of our partners in creating this important document. MCBP partners include the towns of Ocean City and Berlin, the National Park Service, Worcester County, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the Maryland Departments of Natural Resources, Agriculture and Planning. 

The CCMP is also available on our homepage at 


  Assateague Island Restoration Project Addresses
 Sand Movement



Joe Reed of the US Army Corps of Engineers discusses sand movement near the inlet and commercial harbor at a recent Project Team meeting of the Assateague Island Restoration Project.
  Plans are well underway to address shoaling issues and better understand and manage sand transport in the very dynamic inlet area. 


Colonial Waterbird Nesting Surveys


A team including MCBP Education Coordinator Carrie Samis and Coastal Steward Amy Cooper, recently surveyed a colonial waterbird nesting colony on a small island in the coastal bays. During nesting season, these sensitive colonies are protected and only accessed for scientific monitoring by special permission. A total of 111 double-crested cormorant nests were counted on this island, which is also the location of hundreds of nesting glossy ibis, great egrets, snowy egrets, cattle egrets, tri-colored herons, and little blue herons. 


There are a number of bird islands in the coastal bays.  Although these islands are attractive to people as well as birds, please keep off the islands to give the birds a chance to nest and raise their young.  


Photo: Double-crested cormorant chicks in the nest. Photo credit: Chris Hudson


 May 2015

 Keep up to date on volunteer opportunities here.
Tree planting Sunday May 7th
Join MCBP to plant trees this Sunday at the Bishopville dam restoration site starting at 11am. Bring lunch, water, and gardening gloves. Parking is available at 10647 Bishopville Rd. in Bishopville MD. Please RSVP to Amanda at or 410-213-2297 ext. 107 if you are able to attend.
Thank you to Terrapin Survey Participants!
A big thank you to the over 40 people who participated in this year's Terrapin Tally! The final count is not yet in, but hundreds of terrapins were sighted.  It's not too late to help as a citizen scientist.  Report terrapin sightings at to help us collect information on these charismatic animals.
To see the WBOC news video about the terrapin survey, click here.
To read the DelmarvaNow article, click here.
Above: Cub scouts helping with the terrapin survey.
Thank You to Paddle Board Race Participants, Attendees and Volunteers!
Thanks to OC SUP and fitness Dawn Ehman. The 6th annual Fager's Island Surf Swap and Paddle Board Race was a great success this year. The weather was beautiful and thank you to the many people who turned out to support MCBP. As always, the kids races were great entertainment. 
Thank You to Herp Search Volunteers!
To see great photos of the annual herp search, check out this article.

Citizen's Advisory Committee Meeting June 16

The Citizens Adivsory Committee will meet Tuesday, June 16 at 5:30 pm at the Maryland Coastal Bays Office, 8219 Stephen Decatur Highway, Berlin.  If you would like to become a part of this committee please email Programs Manager Jennifer Rafter at


Local Artist Donates 

Painting With Meaning



Teri Edgeworth has a home near a MCBP restoration site.  She enjoys this beautiful area very much but was sad to see trash like the cigarette butt and six-pack ring.  She was moved to create this painting and donated it to Maryland Coastal Bays Program to serve as a reminder of the purpose of the program - to protect our invaluable coastal bays. 


Above: Teri Edgeworth donated this beautiful and meaningful painting to Maryland Coastal Bays Program.


To read Show, don't tell, about sea-level rise and its impact by Rachael Pacella, DelmarvaNow, click here.

Osprey Nests



Eagle Scout Michael Scott built and installed two osprey nesting boxes, one on Holland Creek and the other on Herring Creek.  He reported that the Osprey are already using them!  


Maryland Coastal Bays Program Recertifies  as a Maryland Green Center

The Maryland Coastal Bays Program is happy to announce its recertification as a Maryland Green Center. 

We would also like to congratulate our partners in Worcester County, Assateague State Park, on their recertification, too. MD Green Centers and Green Schools incorporate environmentally-friendly best practices on the ground and in classrooms. 


Photo: At the end of May, Coastal Stewards attended the MD Green Schools Youth Summit, hosted by the Maryland Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education, at Sandy Point State Park. Thousands of students from across the state participated in the event, celebrating MD Green Schools & Green Centers, like ours. Here, Coastal Stewards Myia Tariq & Amy Cooper are teaching students about changes they can make in their own yards & neighborhoods that can improve the water quality of our coastal bays & our quality of life!


To learn more about the MAEOE, MD Green Schools, and the Youth Summit, visit




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