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June 2015 Newsletter

 Message to All Boaters


Just a Few Minutes Can Help Ocean City Become
Sustainable Maryland Certified

We are proud partners with the Town of Ocean City. They are asking for folks to answer a short survey regarding sustainability.

 Let your opinions be on over to

To see news from WMDT, click here.



To read more about this certification, click here.



Help Protect Colonial Waterbirds!

  These least tern babes are very vulnerable as they sit in shallow depressions in sand beaches on islands in the coastal bays.  They are totally dependent on camouflage and their parents to protect and feed them.  Please stay off the islands and keep your pets off and give these birds a chance to fly.


Field Trips Prepare for a Future of Coastal Stewardship




Each spring, MCBP conducts curriculum-based education programs for thousands of students. In May, we participated in Career Day at Snow Hill Middle School, conducted STEM field trips for 8th grade students at Assateague State Park, and conducted field science with students from Stephen Decatur Middle School. These programs help to increase environmental literacy and raise awareness of issues impacting our coastal bays. 


Photo: 7th grade students from Stephen Decatur Middle School help to survey tree species and measure the diameter at breast height of a mixed forest in the Herring Creek Nature Park. Other students helped with planting a wildflower and butterfly garden, adding signage, helping with trail clean up and park maintenance, and more.


Join us in welcoming our 2015 crew
 of Coastal Stewards!


You're sure to see them out-and-about, soon! Coastal Stewards is a youth employment program partnership between Maryland Coastal Bays Program, Assateague Island National Seashore, and Assateague State Park. The crew of 15 Coastal Stewards will be assisting with education, outreach, restoration & conservation work, throughout the summer. Thanks to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for providing funding to support this program, along with our other partners! 


Berlin Community Garden


Together with Maryland Coastal Bays Program staff and community members, Coastal Stewards planned and installed a community garden at the Berlin Community Center on Flower Street in Berlin, MD. The garden is maintained by Coastal Stewards and community volunteers, including local children involved in the BRAVE summer program and the Berlin Youth Club at Worcester County Youth & Family Services. Together, community partners plant and care for the garden and the harvest is made available to local residents. Green spaces, including gardens, provide valuable green infrastructure which help to absorb nutrients & rainfall in communities. Additionally, gardens provide food, of course!


Thanks to Worcester County Commissioner Diana Purnell for her vision, BB&T Bank for providing initial funding support, and to all of our partners who help to keep it going!


Berlin residents & Coastal Stewards Tashonna Grant, Aisha Tariq, Myia Tariq, & Amy Cooper worked together with Worcester County Commissioner Diana Purnell to ready the raised garden beds for planting.


June 2015

MCBP Welcomes the 2015 Summer Interns!
Katherine Phillips is our 2015 science intern for the summer. She has worked with us in past summers as both a intern and a Coastal Stewards Team Leader. Katherine is a recent graduate of Salisbury University and University of Maryland Eastern Shore with degrees in Biology and Environmental Science with a concentration in Marine Sciences. 
Zainab Mirza (left), LuAnne Mottley (right)
This is Zainab Mirza's second year  interning with the Maryland Coastal Bays Program.  She is continuing her outside of the classroom studies about the environment. She says "I found this amazing opportunity through the Worcester County Economic Development Step Up STEM Program. I aspire to major in Environmental Law and Policy in the future and this experience has given me an inside look of a non-profit NEP. "
LuAnne Mottley says "I am a rising Junior at Pocomoke High School and a Worcester County Economic Development Step Up STEM Intern. I have the amazing opportunity to intern with the Maryland Coastal Bays Program!" 
Save Terrapins, use TEDs on crab pots!
Crab pots are required to have turtle exclusion devices (TEDs). We found this abandoned crab pot with a terrapin stuck inside in Chincoteague Bay. If you have a crab pot without a TED, MCBP will provide one for you free of charge! Call Amanda at 410-213-2297 ext. 107 or e-mail TEDs are courtesy of the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore.
Thank you Coastal Stewards & community volunteers!
Two hot days in June, Coastal Stewards and volunteers planted trees at the Bishopville dam removal site. 
SDMS Student Assist to
Tidy Environment
Stephen Decatur middle school 8th graders completed their MCBP service learning program by helping Worcester County recreation department clear out overgrown bush at the Cape Isle of Wight park located off of Route 90. The other half of this class helped the Ocean City airport tidy up their gardens. 
Thank You to Outreach Volunteer!

Thank you Student Conversation volunteer Derek Landrum for chosing MCBP as your outreach component to your SCA requirements. Landrum provided literature and information at the Ocean Pine's Farmer's market. Anyone interested in volunteering to do this please contact

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